too muddy now
to see the clear i had
before you left.
i had wanted to speak then
i wanted to tell you
something about loving
about being here
in this world
in this body
(and so be it
the morning you wake
to a cold wind blowing through you
because living beauty unpeeled
your reptilian hide
and left you naked
skin membrane thin
and stretched like an eardrum
hearing the earth breathe
and not all songs of the world
are pretty but god they are alive
and the blanket you spun
has holes for the light
and the wind this morning is cold.
and the trees are swayed
and beautiful.)

it was about living.
about love being a verb.
about hands binding feathers
tying knots to dream by
because they must do something
when they love
and you are far away,
because the body speaks in action
manifests our being in the world,
and the love that we are
dies as abstract thought.

Speak Out


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