and today’s bonus poem(napowrimo 21)

remembering again

she said we were bleeding
at our roots.
she said of all the species
sharing this planet – we were
the only ones who had to pay
to live here
and after my silence,
like deep river swallowing stone,
i had to laugh
because that is a special kind of stupid –
and sunday school had taught
that we were the ones
who knew better
so we were the ones
who got to rule the earth –
lord it over everything.
(except those who lived in heaven
who would lord it over us)
and yet somehow here we are
at the tail end of an epoch
opening our eyes for the very first time
and seeing
seeing that way back when
and every day since then
we are choosing
the short end of the stick.
that in our choice
to lord it over everything
we replicate a pattern
to lord over
and be lorded over by
and each level of the hierarchy
pays its due to the lords above
in blood or oil or money or being
until we forget we made this choice.
that we chose
not to accept
we are no more than – that we
along with rock and river
and a billion other
shapes of life
are this earth –
we don’t need
to earn a living.
we are life.


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