so we put her back on the bus for the second term of her second year.

i imagine the sky
a little bluer
when you’re here,
hills a little greener
lakes so much more
ablaze in morning light –
and i smile with the house
smug on its spindly legs
sighing at her rooms
full of daughters.
but time shrinks
and rushes
when you walk
in the door
and cramming the days
back to back
full of beauty
does nothing at all
to slow it.
is it possible
that the tide
will not claim
our footprints
sandbound on
the sunlit shore.

at night in sleep
i nibble away
at the moon
watching the sky
turn the seasons.


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-23 at 19.45.18
Drawing by Tim Hewitt-Coleman

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