the day my mother’s sister came to stay

i heard them from the road
as i was walking soft in late autumn sun
i heard them talking together
voices rising, rolling and falling around each other
familiar with where the pauses
and breaths happen and where scar tissue
thick pink has grown armour on old wounds
some shared

they were in the garden
silver haired sentinels
warrior grandmother’s in lilac and beads.
quiet a moment
watching the sun slant low through trees
and fuchsias opening wax red calyxes
to reveal froth pink centres
delicate crystalline shimmer
in silver sliver light.
they have lived all the names of woman
daughter sister aunt wife
mother grandmother friend.
and more
miss mrs ms

inside i sit on blue brocade
in purple embroider-land
but under their skirts
combat boots are showing
they laugh like cowboys
and drink their tea.




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