unclothed would be impractical
6am autumn cold
climbing through fences
pushing brush thicket
to be here with the sky,
but there is a nakedness
to this meeting
between my breath
and that which breathes me
here in the half light,
a snorting foot stamping
aliveness that crackles
between hill
and skin
and sky.

please tell me you still feel it
feel how alive it all is,
that despite the reckless impracticality
of out living this planet
you know we live because it lives,
breathe because it breathes.
show me the person
who is not made of earth –
did not grow cell by cell
from soil and light
in the sacred pool of body.

there is nothing but a story
between my skin
and the rising sun –
a story that clothed us and cast us
separate from our world.

let it go

there is nothing here now
between my breath
and the rising sun.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-22 at 10.35.34











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