free agent

every dirt road tire induced
dust squall moving earth,

every catch breath skip stone
touch the surface surface surface
rings across the river,

every single used refused recycled
bag and bottle in the ocean,

every fence-line run – cut
like a swathe, staked
claimed for the tamed,
the concreted and the scared.

every tree felled, logged,
haggled over – sold
cheap furniture, packaging material,
paper towel to wipe the spill
in the interest of bottom line,
shareholders, pension funds;
because of course it is
every man for himself
independent alone separate.

every budget tee,
two for the three for the price
of one woman sewing
bare bulb on the factory floor,
one farmer, one field, one cotton seed;
until the earth sighs
her own worthlessness
as the clothes arrive
by shipload to landfill.

every word spoken
in love, in regret, in anger.

every child fallen
in the name of oil wars –
turn the ignition
drive to town, to school,
to buy our sustenance
and daily bread.
(forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those
who trespass against us)

every tongue held
in fear, in apathy, in silent

every cloud break down pour
rain dance on our skin,
every river damned blocked
canalled cleansed piped
drip drip waste flush thirsty thirsty thirst

every i am,
every yes, every no,
every vote cast, every story sung
and truth untold, swallowed
by the silence and shouted in the street.

every buy, every ban, every boycott, every march.
every seed planted – every deep breath lived,
every inhaled crescent moon
slipping the pinked horizon,
every dark night sleepless
when the stars don’t come.
all of it is ours –
this is what it means to have agency.


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