on the nature of love at the end of the world

love never changed her mind
or changed her ways.
she has always been
in love with you,
with the fiery heart
of your living –
your burning passions
that could set a room aflame –
the quiet your of being
in the emptiness.
she knows your vulnerabilities,
your need to keep yourself warm.
and perhaps she should have
said something (and perhaps she did)
when your living flame
turned to burning desire
and trees began to fall in your wake.

and you need to know
she loves you no less
now that the world is on fire.
that she walks with you,
tattered and burned
thirsty feet crunching warm ash,
that she still hopes you will
see yourself in her eyes and know
that there never was any need –
that you always had been enough.


Reposting for the Earthweal’s Open link weekend #69.


10 thoughts on “on the nature of love at the end of the world

      1. Wow. This really hit home – my own daughters are 25, 20 and 16, and this is a conversation we return to again again – the how and where hope lives, how to approach a future wrought with so much uncertainty. How to learn to trust enough to take the next step and the next after that. thanks for sharing.


  1. What does eros desire but to see itself reflected in the the beloved’s eye — a yearning which is paradoxically subsumed by the burning, the quench which erases. Yearning and burning here in this poem in an earth which has been torched, whose love was never about consummation but is heart and whole. Now she is “tattered and burned” by our needs: what does eros see in a charred eye? Will we learn to love this world yet? – Brendan

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  2. Sigh. The trees falling, the world on fire, Love/Mother Earth crunching through the burning ground. Ouch. And her still so generous, trying so hard to give us what we need………..this poem really speaks to my heart. I just read The Overstory which is an amazing read written by someone who understands very well trees and the state of our world. It will stay with me for a long time.


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