unmapping our future

if i say
i love
and it was not predicted
by an algorithm,
is it really love
or an act of resistance.
i don’t want to be mapped,
charted, measured.

i want to say lost
and taste that word
like salt from another ocean.
i want to loose myself
again and again to this
six note feather song
that falls from the tree
with late light that pools
amongst root and leaf
to spill over skin
new lined with paths
made by feet
finding their way.


5 march 2020


WhatsApp Image 2020-02-29 at 17.40.38



Linking to Earthweal’s open link weekend #70.


17 thoughts on “unmapping our future

  1. I love your opening question! I, too, hate to be mapped and have written on this subject. There are better, wilder places we can go to. And still I use Google…


  2. Your title struck me first, Lindi, the idea of ‘unmapping our future’, a different way of looking at things, and the poem delved into that idea in such a refreshing way, particularly in the lines:
    ‘i want to say lost
    and taste that word
    like salt from another ocean’.

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