invocation in autumn

by the clear light of morning
these hands have grown old
counting months and moons
on knuckles like prayer beads โ€“
learning postures of praise
and gestures of thanks,
hands face down
to the cooling earth.
cupped fingers to palms
to wrist to palm,
skin invocations
to the waxing moon.

it is morning now, love,
the days grow short
and ache with beauty,
my hands an empty bowl
to the wheeling sky.

5 March 2020

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-05 at 10.31.38

Reposted for Earthweal’s open link weekend #71

13 thoughts on “invocation in autumn

  1. I wondered along the same lines with this waxing moon, how a certain time is ladled out in monthly cusps. There is grief in autumn, but it’s gorgeously bittersweet. The full moons descend that stair to winter. We here in Florida have terribly long summer ahead to get to those moments.

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    1. It is always curious and a delight to me to be reminded of the seasons elsewhere = and how our seasonal celebrations and extremes hold each other in balance.
      May your summer be mild and you storm season gentle.

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  2. A poem of reflection, the last verse is beautiful. It’s spring here and soon summer will arrive but, today it is gray and rainy, quenching a thirsty earth so it can bloom full of color and life here once the sun returns.

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