two nights of wind storms
have blown my fearless cover

this morning the light
moves quiet as a snake
and golden across the hills –
illuminates tree by standing tree

for now the wind has settled,
silent and stripped bare
the world wakes –
my feet crunch brittle
in the fallen leaves
picking a way between
dropped branches

small birds are counting their living,
calling to each other high and sweet
from the new swept trees.

there is no hiding
under a big storm sky
we hunker down
we wait wakeful alert
we pray.

in this slow morning sun
i check on the seedlings
tend the peas
take note of what still stands
what still holds
despite it all.

vegetable garden damp
seeps the hems of my skirt
the taste of gratitude
like new raspberry
on my tongue

high against the clouds
ibis still fly their prayer runes
across the sky

where our words have failed
the earth still speaks us.

For Sherry at earthweal’s weekly challenge: A PRAYER FOR HARD TIMES.


9 thoughts on “matins

  1. Gah!!!!!! This is SUCH a wonderful, affirming poem. I love it. Love the birds “counting their living”, the taking note of what still holds, in spite of all. (That always amazes me, too. LOVE the closing lines, “where our words have failed, the earth still speaks us.” Sigh. Absolutely lovely. Thank you.

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  2. There are moments when we find our earth scale ridiculously petty, when she rears up with winds the size of oceans and fire wide as the sun. It’s when we are most earth-creatures, vulnerable and full of prayers. The flip side of fear is faith and that’s what shines in this poem, not despite but because of winds this matin (a favorite word of mine), this fragrant joy. – Brendan


    1. Yes a favourite of mine too, matins and vespers and all the old prayer words – quite delicious. And yes, as medium sized mammas on this vast continent, this time seems all about relearning our context and vulnerability.


  3. There were some terrible storms here this week. The never-ending rain and winds. I go to sleep and wonder what I will awaken to in the morning light.


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