imbolc in the south

Swaartberg pass – July 2021

end of july
deep winter cold
and mountains capped with snow.
first day out to clear the beds,
spread compost like a blanket
thick black and warm –
new moon in august
we will plant the summer seeds.

end of july
deep winter cold
out in the garden to prepare the beds –
trellis the peas while first cuckoos,
emerald green and tail flicking,
call from the bare branched searsia
brilliant against the ice blue sky
iridescent feathers in winter sun.

deep in july
snow cold in the mornings
francesca full pregnant and shaggy with curls
watches while we build new lambing stalls
pile them soft with eragrostis –
she knows the waiting
for the turning of the year
and the spring she holds in her belly.

end of july
deep winter cold
and mountains capped with snow –
we sit by the fire
drink endless cups of tea
speak the world
way into the night
while outside the windows
winter howled and hissed

deep in july
late winter cold
first blossoms open
like stars on a cloudless night
points of light on the bare winter trees.
and now we wait
warming seeds in our hands
with the breath of our living,
wait for the turning of the year
so we may sow what light has lived
through the long dark of winter
and reap what we sow
in the warming days to come.

For Sarah at Earthweal’s weekly challenge: Lammas


11 thoughts on “imbolc in the south

  1. I love this picture of winter on the other side of the world. I could really imagine the scene, especially with the accompanying photo, which reminds me of Northern Slovenia.


    1. Thank you Ingrid. The photo is taken about an hour and a half drive inland from where we live – a much drier region on the other side of the mountain belt that runs the length of the coast. The snow on the mountains close to our home melts within a day or two.

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  2. What I love about this Earth is its balancing: while people up north find music in harvest, those in the south work the fields opposite, sustained by stored goodness and rapt in the slumber of winter. The field never stops. So much to revel in and treasure here. – B


    1. Thanks Brendan. I agree – i have enjoying the reading all the beautiful harvest songs – there is a wonderful wholeness to hearing both parts of the year sung simultananeously – one a harmony of the other.

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