we live by fire(and hope)

truth is the sun rose
this morning, splattering of light
low and cold – birds on high branches
moving and feeding to stay warm alive
shaking water from the trees
while cold feet
in thick socks and gumboots
wade the night rain become mud.
i know that inside a warm fire waits
and tea
always tea.

truth is, arm down a burrow
in soft wrapped fur,
i find five new born rabbit kits
naked and blind
yipping at the cold of my touch.
they know as much of tomorrow as i
which to be honest
is nothing at all

truth is the world is so much bigger
than we can remember all at once
without losing the parts of ourselves
that re-member here.
and of course we wanted flight
so we have and had it
and wanted and wanted
and now we ache and we break
with all that we are losing
rage with the fires
that burn and melt,
but we are of no use to this world
scorched by our impotent rage,
more broken than that we hope to mend,
more lost than that we stand to lose.

truth is my youngest daughter has covid,
and probably myself and oldest daughter too –
six days in and perhaps too soon
to write we are fine we are fine,
(though really we are)
because we know no more
than those rabbits down the burrow
naked and blind vulnerable
while blissfully asleep.

truth is yesterday new moon
we planted first seeds of the season
all three of us outside
under a fast changing sky –
black soil, small pots
and names like prayers
on stick labels
tomato and marrow,
cornflower and bean.

truth is the sun that rose
after rain that fell through the night
and watered the seeds that
were planted
were planted
were planted

For Brendan at earthweal’s weekly challenge: TRUTH IN A WORLD ON FIRE


18 thoughts on “we live by fire(and hope)

  1. Wow, I so feel this poem. Love the lines about us needing not to be more broken than what we have lost – (we who are the only ones who can fix things.) So sorry about the covid and hoping very much that the dose is very very light and soon over. Let us know. And I LOVE the hopeful planting of seeds (which is what we can do) – and the repetition of “were planted”. So effective.

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  2. This is heartbreakingly beautiful. I absolutely gasped at the beauty and wisdom of the second stanza. The repetition of “truth is” keeps one always in suspense for the beauty or the terror and the inevitability of our own smallness in the face of truth. I love your writing. Best of luck with your health. 💕


  3. Oh this is a deep one – how right that I get the news broadcast via poem. Hope you are all doing ok. Thank you for sharing this, the repetition of the last lines is my favourite part – keep it just like that!


    1. Hello Jane. Sorry about the broadcast 😉 – I did clear it with Tamarisk before outing her too publicly – will message you a bit later when our time zones align. Hah -and of course those last three line lines nearly got cut for just being too much – so thank you, I will keep them just as they are. Xx


  4. “Truth” stubs such a beautiful poem here — in this complicated time, the really small and awfully huge share the same day. “truth is the world is so much bigger / than we can remember all at once / without losing the parts of ourselves / that re-member here” As farmers (of some sort), the dear and small are tended in the same light of brilliant cold, approaching fire. What to do, but love and live and plant? Such good work Lindi and perfect for the challenge. – Brendan

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  5. That’s a lot of truth that definitely strikes a nerve. Truth is the world is so much bigger, exactly and more complex than we can truly understand. Covid is a hard truth for the whole world. I hope all are still doing fine.

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  6. no covid here, but isolated nonetheless, where poetry was no balm and so I neither read nor wrote.
    a month later, I hope your family is recovering. I am glad to read your poetry. ~

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  7. I am sorry to hear that – where or why have you been isolating? And yes – we are well (a little annoyed at my slowness sometimes – but well.) Glad to see you back here too.


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