summoning the light

when dark mother birthed us
from the star trampled sky –
nursed us by moonlight tender
as silvered ocean swell
and watched us grow
saw our long songs trailing
tendril from the beginning of time
shaping and forming as we came

taught us to sing holy holy is the night
because she knew and she knew
this light that shines bright
in the dark of all that is
and she knew she knew
what was being built
and knew time would come
when we should hide.

quiet paths silent greetings –
hiding plain in plain sight
herb woman, green woman
green growing good wife
mid wife mid life old
mud and blood earth unseen
light on night paths
with quiet quiet lest this false making
rob the world of light

torch them
burn them
drown them
until the light
goes out.

but dark mother knows
as dark mother does
and quiet as candles
she has nurtured this light
sung low owl on gibbous nights
whispered the mountains at dawn
and waited and watched
watched and waited
for the world to want to be
the light that is
waited until it was time
to burn this old house
of shadow beings down.

now in songs as clear as raven flight
she sings saplings into trees
calls the light of silent ways,
the hidden, the hiding and the lost
names us all
for the light we always were.

calls us now to be here
be present
birth this light
into the new world

For Sherry at Earthweal’s weekly challenge: Conciousness raising during the Apocalypse


7 thoughts on “summoning the light

  1. This is as ripe to the theme as it gets — raising dark consciousness, salving hyperlight with dark brightness.. My guess is that the patriarchal consciousness that arose from the matriarchal succeeded due to its concentration of metal-forging heat: A dubious achievement and (we learn now) and as destructive now as then. So consciousness evolves: yet Eric Neumann thought a tempering of that consciousness was possible with saturations of dark light, that ancient womb. If that is possible, the way is most plainly demonstrated here. Giving birth to darkness with bright minds. Sure is reason to smile – Brendan

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    1. Interesting – i have often tried to pin point the first wrong step – or the the step that completely committed us to this path – and whether or not we have to retrace those steps in our undoing. And Thanks.


  2. Lindi, you have said it as well and beautifully a it can be said. I love this poem so much! Dark Mother, “sung low owl on gibbous nights”, “in songs as clear as raven flight”. Just gorgeous. You made my morning.

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  3. How lovely. Your poem is like a song to the earth and to hope. I agree with Ingrid. The idea of the dark mother birthing the world is powerful. I saw a Black Madonna statue in Monserrat in Spain. She emanated power and beauty.


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