finding beauty

heading towards the drylands
road unravelling in the heat beyond
and beyond and beyond
crossing rivers with names that once were
seekoei, olifant and leeuenbosch
folding their green secrets
into damp seams of memory
and shaded river grass
passing fields of wind turbines
towering the grey veld and termite mounds

and we yearn and lean across the distance
tailing the long mountains
watching soil change from black to orange to red
the sky growing wider
higher through deep valley aloes

passing through a city
and out the other side
beyond the bricked suburbs
and unchecked industy
plastic blooms on thornbushes
amongst magenta vygies
and orange daisies where
young boys herd fat goats in noon sun –
the winter rains have been good.

and still the road unfurls
and unfurls to meet you
until balcony in this city far away
among bare branches in new leaf
gymnogene scrapes the blueness of sky
circling close overhead
before feathers catching light
she takes altitude
disappears from sight

For Sherry at Earthweal’s weekly challenge: COLLATERAL BEAUTY


16 thoughts on “finding beauty

  1. Sighting beauty comes from the vision in the heart. The naming here is the care and craft of beauty, unscolling the majesties of passage with vygies and gymnogene. The art is the spirit’s greeting here. Collateral, perhaps, but essentially where it springs.

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  2. This was beautiful. I felt I was rolling along that winding road, gazing at all of the beauty, as I read. Very lovely, especially the naming. It’s like you combined the last two prompts and came up with a feast of a poem.

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