after the rain

down at the estuary the river
has breached her bank
pushed the crashing shore
in a tumult of dark water
and waves.
spawning fish wait
on the turning tide.

down at the estuary
between the trees
water flows thick and dark
swirling whirlpools and eddies
along the rocks,
scraping sand and old stories
from deep pools
to the sea to the sea.

down at the estuary
houses have been swamped
silt dumped – boundary fences
matchsticks against the surge,
tide lines smudged below the windows.

there is no owning her
this river full drunk
on big rain
she flows as she will
as she does

down at the estuary
frogs are giving thanks
from earth-bank, reed and tree
a jubilant pulse – entraining
my breath and heart
to the season
while birdsong explodes
from the dripping trees
and wet grassheads are silvering
in morning light.

For Brendan at Earthweal’s weekly challenge: PRAISING IS WHAT MATTERS


10 thoughts on “after the rain

  1. ‘there is no owning her
    this river full drunk
    on big rain’

    I love your praise of the raw power of nature: it may be our undoing, but we can only stand in awe of what we cannot control.

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  2. I too love the imagery in your poem. The scene you describe makes me focus on being grateful for the “little” things, even when everything doesn’t go my way.


  3. I’m awed by tthe way you have surrender to thiiis inexorable flood of water. There are lessons for us all in this poem which flows as powerfully as the water.


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