wilding prayer


and always and again
this light comes
distils into bird song
calls us from sleep
sings our awakening


and perhaps
we never needed
to overthink this
being here –
perhaps all we ever know,
all we ever needed to know
is that we are here-now
women becoming
lichen becoming tree-light
bushbuck forest becoming morning
becoming women


turn their bright sky faces
to look to the earth
to the rich dark soil
the unfathomable life of roots
and microbe
and worm


you have to give yourself to it
completely, until you are boneless
in the river – a body of water
lapping with the windblown waves

the only way to stay afloat
is to give yourself to the river
completely, to be buoyed by
saturates and densities
and the lightness of your being.

to tip your head back
hair sea-grass to the saltwater
close your eyes soft
until bright sun through blood
and flesh of eyelid
become that other sky
and we become the reed-bank river,
the mud crab and the grebe
flowing with the incoming tide.


blood warm and smooth as silt
the honey spilled the spoon
drenching the afternoon
in long remembered sweetness


and when the rain came,
to break the heat that lay
heavy on the hills –
pushing our breath,
it came cool from the warm sky
and we who had been waiting
through the heat of days
held our hands and arms
like wilted leaves to the rain
listening to the soft splatter voice
speak our need fulfilled
until skin drenched and
stripped of our lethargy
we laughed with the sky.


between breath
and horizon
the sounding
of a slow sea
that shapes
the long shore
of our sleep

between breath
and horizon
the quickening
of evening wings
the click of frog
the waking
of the night


there was a time
when when her feet still
soft indented this dust
when the rain pooled her footprints
and the wild places grew
where she walked.
she dreamt the night erupting
in stars – and it did.

did she know the feet that followed
never could trace the intricate back forward
turn of her dance – hair and arms alight with stars.
did she know we would try
fail, try again.
did she know the feet that followed?


in the long dark silence
of this night
we have only this breath
to find our way through
only our bodies
our light our longing
let it be enough
let us be enough

In response to Brendan’s beautiful essay at Earthweal’s weekly challenge GREEN FIRE (wild and sacred)



13 thoughts on “wilding prayer

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous – “women becoming lichen becoming tree-light bushbuck forest becoming morning” and laughing with the sky. Wow. Really wonderful uplifting writing.

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  2. Lindi, I showed your poem to Tofino’s Poet Laureate and she would like to know if it is okay for her to share it, with accreditation of course, in a closed facebook group called Tofino Natural Heritage – we are the group trying to push through a tree protection by law, and fighting to save the other half of Tonquin forest. Our members would adore it. Let me know at wildwomantwo@gmail.com……Thanks, kiddo.

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    1. Thanks Kerfe. University summer holidays drawing to a close here – spent a lovely afternoon down at.the river with my daughters and niece and nephews and friends swimming and playing soccer before they all scatter again in different directions. So lovely to have them all.here.

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      1. Always a treat to be with family. I see my daughters regularly, but my brothers and their families…maybe this year. In the meantime, we Zoom.


  3. First, wilding the canonical hours is such a great idea, a sacred recognition of the day’s rhythms. Thus to follow body and world through the one day. The poem speaks so deeply from there. I’m glad Sherry is sharing it with her Tofino group — some wild folks up there. Stellar work Lindi and thanks so for keeping earthweal fertile.


    1. Thanks Brendan. There are wilder parts of the forest that I did not have time to visit this week. But I absolutely loved the prompt and will perhaps revisit it when I return home – in Cape Town for the weekend.

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