it is not like
we can wait,
burning as we do
with the long ache for
dissolution of self
among the choir of trees –
barefeet crunching
in late summer leaves

it is not like
we can wait,
hem entangled
in snag breath lichen twigs
and thorn –
to part ferns, soft grown
knee high, to find
this slow undoing
where the longing of bones
meets rapturous
the long silence of trees.

it is not like
the world
can wait

For Brendan at Earthweal’s weekly challenge: WILD MIND


14 thoughts on “satiate

  1. No, it’s not like we have time to wait, in our brief little dance of life. The economy of expression here builds a remarkably strong poem, full of living images of the things which connect us to the natural world. Enjoyed it very much.

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