the mountain

we walk amongst the bones here.

early rain has sprouted green
along the path and buds drink swell wait
to burst drunkenly into bloom

human calcaneous and soft ball joints
find footing on jutting mountain bones –
sandstone knees and elbows –
scapular, like a blade,
like a contour, like a cliff,
granite sternum and ribs
to protect the heart
beating still –

hips that curve and curve around
walking us home
on old paths
of bone.

For Sherry at earthweal’s weekly challenge: DREAMING IN GREEN


10 thoughts on “the mountain

  1. I found an intimacy here – a beloved body which hugs so close (or we hug it) we know its contours, the feel of its bones. The yearning is that close, the blossoming underfoot.

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  2. Our bones and the bones of the earth made congruent, and the stone made to live as we do, firm underfoot, like a knowledge our inner selves build from–wonderful work with the metaphor and full of a sense of place, of the genuine, the lasting. A great pleasure to read this morning.

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