holy ground

First published in 2014, holy ground is a celebration of here, of life in all its uncompromising juiciness and the silence that sings in the moments we pause for breath. It is a beautiful collaboration with poems by Lindi-Ann Hewitt-Coleman and drawings by Steve Hurt.


days have
no words
or need to speak
as the world is painting    pictures
and the silence


sacred landscape

morning prayers

i turn my thousand faces to the sun
inhaling magnificence
i walk my thousand feet upon this earth
heel ball toe indent
in sand and loam and mud
and grass wet with morning
spider web dew entangled –
i turn my thousand eyes upon your face
breathless anew at your thousand petaled beauty
reflecting back in a thousand faces
turned towards the sun
my body moves                                     learns a thousand postures
of supplication and joyous prayer
to place my thousand hands
upon your grace
in gratitude.


season’s slumber

like an adder
amongst tree roots
i have curled up for winter –
let the season
write its poetry
in wind and weather
upon my skin.
let birds fly
ancient writings
across my dreamscape sky
and let me wake
enlivened by their spring song
in skin new shed.


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