we the reaching, the falling and the fallen.

and when the rain falls
early morning warm –
bare feet, bare arms
face to the sky –

when the rain falls
we the trees,
the many legged,
the soft fungus parasol unfolding –

we the bright wings,
the sharp eyed,
and the soil underfoot –

we the feet
and the walking
and the soft rain falling,

we speak with one voice
saying thank you
and thank you
and thank you.

For Sherry Marr at Earthweal”s weekly challenge: DECOLINIZING OUR MINDS – read her wonderful prompt here https://earthweal.com/2023/01/09/decolonizing-our-minds/


14 thoughts on “we the reaching, the falling and the fallen.

  1. Oh, Lindi, this is so beautiful! I felt every line and envisioned the bright wings, the sharp eyed. And breathed such a grateful “thank you / thank you / thank you” at the end. Superb.

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  2. Oh! I love leaving the human perspective! When you put it this way, I can see it might be easier for children to throw off (or not put on) the restraints that accompany control and profit making. We can be grateful instead.

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  3. I love that feeling of being in nature when rain returns to parched earth. It does feel like the trees are saying thankyou. I like the way you have written this as if you are a tree . 🙂

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  4. They say a grateful drunk won’t drink again, and the gratitude here for rain keeps the world green (and humbles me of my petty grumbling pursuits!). Great to see you at earthweal, it’s been so quiet that I’m rolling back the challenges to 2x a month.

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    1. Thanks Brendan. Sorry to hear it has been so quiet. Thanks for holding it all together at Earthweal. I can do another prompt or two over the next few weeks if that helps at all. I will email you to discuss. Keep well.

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