blue sky


in my pocket is a goddess
in shades of fire and sky.
she travels with me always –
(i am the twinkle in her eye)

oreole (2)

i slip
between shadows
that fall from trees
like the call
of an oriole
on ears obsessing silence.

i fall
to the sleep of the wondrous
the dreamed and the dreamer
on winged horses across the sky.

i stumble
on truth like marker stones
on forest paths
clear as quartz shimmer underfoot
and more hard to swallow.

i slip
i fall
i stumble.

i submit to motherhood
as a branch
submits to a blossom.

20150910_150853 (2)

Published in 2011, blue sky and other poems is a small collection exploring definitions
of women in relationship with place.

blue sky is currently out of print.


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