in the centre stood a tree

IMG_0448 (2)

Tonight – the longest darkest night this year – I will gift this story to my world that it may know that I have returned from our shadow – have tasted, lived and breathed our shadow – and our light is no less dim.”

In the centre stood a tree is a simple story of women growing older. It is a story of mothers and daughters and tells of four women connected through time by their collective oral history.

In every living moment there are choices that become the reality that we live. Sabine knows this to be true and wonders, from the safety of her small house beyond the urban fringe of an idustrial city, if the choices we did not make grow into their own realities too. What if the time of the witch hunts and purging of feminine power was only one reality that grew into her current world. What if those women lived?

As the only visionary within the coast towns, Tressica understands all about choices and freedom. Her daughter Rea being living proof of both Tressica’s freedom from and responsibility to her community.

It is when the lives of Tressica and Rea collide with contemporary Sabine and her ancestral grandmother Cerian that time begins to unravel back to where the trouble began. Each woman must reach beyond the fear of being silenced and face her own relationship with power to find her way back home.



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