slowly spring

corona has left me
slow to think, slow to act
slow to write – a 50kg bag of grain
three times the weight is was before
and all the while the planet is hurtling
towards our own inevitability so much faster
than most of us can breathe through

and francesca the goat labours
through the bright sky night
second of september and perfectly on time
and i wait to the sound of frog song
and a silence that hums my ears
for the first inhale breath and bleat cry
affirmation of life tender as the blossom
that leans bare branch, unfurling fragile petals
despite or because of what is –

until impatient 5am under the star crazed sky
i walk out to the goat house.
first toad of the season, lean as winter,
crosses the path up ahead
my breath billows
dew bright in the torch beam
and slowly slowly it is spring

long chewing a quiet breakfast
francesca the goat raises
her head at my presence.
tomorrow she says,
or tomorrow’s tomorrow –
there is still time in the world
for slow beginnings

i waited a while in the goathouse
watched the steady rise and fall
of her abdomen, the sound
of their chewing shaping darkness into day
until the black rooster broke the spell
with his incessant crowing.

back in the house the kettle
metal clicks its warming on the flame –
fingers wrap around warm cups
and through the windows
the sky pinks and greys

there time in the world
for slow healing
slow beginnings
quiet endings
still time

for Brendan at Earthweal’s weeky challenge: SLOWNESS


11 thoughts on “slowly spring

  1. True. There’s still time. And I really enjoyed being there in your world. How tender and lovely it all feels. “and I wait to the sound of frog song and a silence that hums my ears” Loved this. Thanks for sharing your lovely poem.

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  2. I love your poem. I hope your healing from Covid continues to progress. I’m sorry to hear that it has left you so weak.
    I love your story about the pregnant goat. She must be a lovely animal. I had a lot to do with goats many years ago and found them to be highly intelligent, soulful animals.


    1. Thanks Suzanne. Francesca is the oldest of our goats and this year will be her last baby as I do not want to risk her health. They are wonderful creatures – funny, warm, smart and wise and incredibly peaceful. Absolutely love spending time with them. No kids yet though – I am guessing the baby had turned into an uncomfortable position and then turned again.

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  3. I love “the sound of frog song”……the star crazed sky…..and GOATS! Lucky girl to have goats. “There is still time in the world for slow beginnings.” I love that.

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  4. especially the final verse, yet all of it – the pace of no-clocks, the thrum and chest-heart-beat that says, I am here, I am here – and the kid who soon will be (now is) here ~

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