low soft their voices came
on white wings across the water
reflecting sky
reflecting water

and we wanted to join them
across that still forever –
touch again their shining faces,
walk fearless on the reflecting sea.
but our earthbound bodies
sang kin-songs to the rock spilled shore –
took form from the forest that named us
trading our wings for words
and the knowing and forgetting that brings.

some mornings water’s edge
we hear them calling still
low soft voices
like white wings across the water –
and we lean towards that calling
toes touching that rippling forever
and we cast our words in paper boats
towards that distant shore.

Photo by Tamarisk-Ray Glogauer

For Eathweal’s weekly challenge: Voyage to the Otherworld



15 thoughts on “waterline

  1. the last line of the 2nd verse, especially

    also, the Dire Straits song, Down to the Waterline, immediately came to mind, which then led me to remember, Industrial Disease…

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  2. The liminal dreams something in us we can’t name or fully wake from but there it is, a “waterline” across which are the birds, the angels, the dead, our immortality.The call is the very thing which shows how much we’ve done in defiance of it, being, of course, mortal, human and dim-hearted.Such a gorgeous expression here, a yearning which magnifies in loss and failure … Thanks for returning this to earthweal … B

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    1. It was an exceptionally beautiful morning walk just before sunrise and through sunrise. The dark water so still and reflective it seemed almost solid. My daughter took the photo during the walk. The rocks all seem to be floating.

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